Eastland Bearings and Distributors is a professional parts provider that understands the needs of industry. With 30 years in the game we understand the cost of lost production and make every effort to get you going now or, at worst, tomorrow. Any downtime is lost money and we pride ourselves on providing a quick supply of parts no matter how big or small.

We strive to exceed all expectations and offer customers a complete range of bearings and housings, castors, belts, chains/sprockets and trailer chassis parts.

For those jobs that need specialised, detailed handling we have the right products at your disposal. No job is too big or too small for us so let us know what you need. Our professional staff will help you achieve the results you need.

We offer a choice in price and quality comparable with major city and online suppliers.

With three decades servicing the needs of industry in Port Macquarie and surrounding regions our success is due to knowing business and industry requirements. We specialise in knowing what your needs are and delivering the right products and service to you.