Eastland Bearings stocks an extensive range of bearings, sprockets, castors, pulleys and trailer and caravan parts from quality manufacturers.

Bearings & Seals

When the wheels of industry literally grind to a halt, bearings are usually the first casualty. That's why we stock a huge range of bearings and accessories, including ball bearings, ball bearing units, bearing housings, bushes, wheel bearings, cylindrical bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, linear bearings, specialty bearings, precision bearings and more. We also carry a wide range of industrial shaft seals for rotating shaft components. Our trained staff can ensure you get the right bearings and seals every time to ensure your wheels of industry start turning again.

Chains & Sprockets

We carry a comprehensive range of sprockets to cater for chains of various sizes. It's important to ensure that you have the right sprocket for the right chain because a poorly matched pairing of chain and sprocket can result in a dramatic reduction in chain life. This in turn will lead to more maintenance, extra costs and more downtime. It's hard enough in business today without being obstructed by having the wrong equipment. Talk to the experts to ensure you get the optimum life out of your products by choosing the right chains and sprockets for your job.

Adhesives, Lubricants & Sealants

Lubricants, mould release agents, adhesives, cleaners and other specialty products are all part of today's industrial needs. We carry a comprehensive range of Loctite and Alemlube products. We stock a range of grease gun loaders, grease gun couplers, grease nipple kits, hoses and filters for industry, along with a range of bonding, gasket, thread sealing and threadlocking products. We also carry a range of adhesives from instant adhesives for metal, plastic, rubber and porous or acidic surfaces to fast-grab, solvent resistant options.

Suspension, Brake & Trailer Parts

Eastland Bearings and Distributors stocks leading trailer, suspension, brake and caravan parts from Manutec and AL-KO. Our range includes everything from couplings and jockey wheels, spring sets, electric and hydraulic backing plates, master cylinders, brake callipers, drums, hubs and winches to adjustable legs for trailers. We carry IRS (Independent Rubber Suspension) axles designed to dampen road shocks. These axles are suitable for a wide range of trailer types and are available in single, tandem and tri-axle configurations, providing better control and safety than traditional axles. Talk to our team of experts on your trailer, suspension and brake requirements.

Pulleys, Belts & Hoses

We carry a quality selection of belts and pulleys across a range of industrial and heavy machinery uses.

We stock leading brands such as Fenner and Gates, two companies with market-leading reputations for their products. Fenner manufactures a quality industrial range of belts, V-belts, wedge belts, cogged belts, friction pulleys and synchronous pulleys.

Wheels & Castors

Wheels and castors are essential to production and transfer of products for many industries. Our solid and pneumatic range of wheels and castors, from the likes of Fallshaw and Richmond, cater for everything from small trolley wheels to heavy-duty castors. We stock castors for scaffold and platform trolleys that meet the OHS codes and Australian Standards along with spring-loaded castors, waste bin castors, heavy-duty industrial castors and medical castors.

Eastland Bearings are distributors for many leading brands including:

  • NTN bearings
  • Timkin taper sets
  • Nachi bearings
  • Loctite engineering adhesives and sealants
  • AL-KO axle and brake parts
  • Manutec trailer parts
  • SKF Seals
  • Alemlube Grease Equipment
  • Fenner pulleys and belts
  • Gates V Belts
  • Martin Sprockets and Couplings
  • Fallshaw wheels and castors
  • Richmond wheels and castors